About NextGen

Passionate Caravan Brand

NextGen Caravans is an Australian manufacturer of rugged and off-road caravans, providing adventure-seekers with the ultimate way to explore Australia’s rugged terrain. With a 100% Aussie-built guarantee, our caravans are built to withstand the toughest conditions, using only the highest quality materials. All of our caravans come with a 3-year structural warranty, ensuring that our customers can have peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our products. Whether you’re planning an outback adventure or a family camping trip, NextGen Caravans have the perfect vehicle for you.

Australian Standards

NextGen Caravans prioritizes safety and reliability in their caravans, which are ADR approved, meeting the strict Australian Rules and Standards. The experienced and qualified staff at NextGen Caravans are dedicated to the caravan industry, ensuring expert advice and support throughout your journey with them. Their passion for caravans ensures that customers have the best possible experience with their products.

Key Features

Fibreglass Roof

2 Solar Panels

Dual Colour Awning Light

4 Arm Rear Bumper with Spare Wheel

16″ Alloys

Independent Coil Suspension

2x 9kg Gas Bottles

D035 Off-Road Hitch

Off-Road Caravans

The Off-Road Caravans by NextGen are built to explore Australia’s rugged terrain with ease, featuring heavy-duty dual shock independent suspension and 16″ off-road tires. They come equipped with solar panels, batteries, and water tanks for a comfortable and self-sufficient adventure. Experience a lifetime of adventure with NextGen Caravans.

NextGen SE 18'6 Front Door

The Perfect Size

NextGen 18'6 Rear Door

Durable and Comfortable

NextGen 17'6 Rear Door

Tough and Practical

NextGen SE 19'6 Centre Door

Quality Fittings and Stylish Colour Choices

NextGen SE 20'6 Centre Door

One for the Real Traveler

NextGen SE 19'6 Rear Door

Spacious Design with Plenty of Storage

NextGen SE 21'6 Rear Club

The Perfect Van to Travel with for that Extended Stay

NextGen SE 23' Rear Club

Your Home Away From Home

Family Bunk Caravans

NextGen’s Family Bunk Caravans are designed for families who crave adventure and want to make the most of their time on the road. With spacious interiors and comfortable bunk beds, these caravans can sleep up to 6 people, making them perfect for extended trips. The caravans are also off-road capable, giving you the freedom to explore Australia’s great outdoors with ease and comfort.

21' Bunk

Tough and Practical Family Van

21'6 Front Bunk

The Perfect Size in a Reverse Layout

22' Bunk

Durable and Comfortable with Centre Club Lounge

22' Front Bunk

Multiple Bunks with Quality Fittings

24' Quad Bunk

For Maximum Sleeping Space: 4 Bunks that Sleeps 6

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