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A family-owned caravan manufacturer focused on the finish of tomorrow. Ask Innovation takes pride in their premium quality products using the latest technology. The drive and focus across the company is to deliver a high-quality, reliable caravan to every traveller ready for an on-road and off-road journey.

Eden Caravans offer a wide range of layouts and options in each of their builds. Freedom of choice is your biggest benefit here. Out of all the caravan manufacturer’s in Australia, Eden Caravans is one of the small few that will give you the most luxury, variety, quality and additional extra’s in the market.

Built in Australia’s very own Victoria, Goodlife RV uses the best quality materials and Australian craftsmanship. Each van is built without compromise to quality, with each vehicle built exclusively for Caravan World. With the emphasis on modern appeal, each model is constructed with the appeal of modern designs and external composite cladding with a high checker plate design

Having started in 2007 by the Dumaloski’s, Option R.V is family owned and operated, classified as a ‘boutique’ caravan manufacturer. Based in Melbourne, Option R.V. stand out from other manufacturers by using the latest technology, design and trends in the market to give caravan owners’ features and styles that are only available with Option R.V. The manufacturer has had a strong relationship and partnership with Caravan World for the last decade.

Driven to produce the best caravans, we at Prime Edge Caravans have taken special pride in conceptualising, planning and manufacturing our caravans. Using an aluminium frame and built in a state-of-the-art facility here in Australia, our goal is to revolutionise the way Aussies travel and holiday. Investing heavily in our production capabilities and abilities, our mantra has always been production first. This ensures that our capacity to manufacture is at scale and our QC is second to none. With many years of experience between the founders, caravans manufactured by Prime Edge Caravans benefit both from tried processes and brand-new innovative technologies.

Trackvan makes their brand different by having gone from timber framed caravans into welded box section frames. Adding a protective fibreglass wall and ceiling lining accompanied with timber-free honey comb composite German designed floors. Trackvan measures their success and worth by the quality of their caravans, using competitive prices and only supplying the best appliances and materials throughout the construction process. Each vehicle is designed and manufactured in Victoria to the highest standards, meeting all requirements of the Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations.

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