The Different Types of Caravans In Australia

The caravan industry is bigger than most people think. There are so many different types of vehicles that you can encounter. Ranging from shape, size, and design, you name it. This article acts as a guide to the different types of caravans found in Australia:

1. Classic Caravan

Just the typical caravan that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘caravan’. It can come in different shapes, lengths, axles, heights and sleeping arrangements, and layouts. Ultimately, a caravan is any vehicle that is designed to live in and is towable.  

2. Off-road Caravan

Similar to a classic caravan, the major difference with an off-road caravan is they have different features which allow you to tow it across rougher terrain. They possess a higher suspension and chassis. Usually, they have larger tires. In some cases, you can add in a dust extractor that prevents any dust from entering the caravan, a handy tool for traveling in the outback.

3. Pop-Tops

The way to think of these is the caravan is only at its full height when the roof has been popped up top. The van is more aerodynamic while being towed, however, the roof must be folded and closed down. They are usually lighter than a typical caravan, and easier to store due to a lower height but it can take more time to pop up the roof during setup.

4. Pop-Outs

Take a pop-top, and instead of imagining the roof popping out, imagine the side popping out. It’s usually the bed or lounge that pop’s out at the front, back, or side of the caravan. The silhouette of the van is smaller for easier towing and is supposed to create extra space when set up. You can even find a pop-top and pop-out caravan combination.

5. Camper Trailer & Wind-Up

Think of these as a trailer, when parked and ready to be set up a tent structure extends above the walls of the trailer creating a tent-based caravan. They are lighter and easier to tow however do take more time and effort to set up.

6. Campervans

Campervans are small scaled motorhomes. It’s a typical van that has been equipped and converted to offer a comfortable living space. Usually containing a bed and mini-kitchen space.

7. Motorhomes

An actual drivable home on wheels. Has a similar space to a classic caravan but does not need to be towed. Typically stock a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, shower, lounge, and bed.

8. Fifth Wheelers

Pretty much the biggest type of caravan you’ll see. They are typically equipped for luxury, some may have fold-out sections. Provide furniture, comfort, and plenty of space and are designed to be towed by a Ute. However, its benefit in size is also its risk with towing it and the price aspect of them.

What are your thoughts?

That’s the list of caravans you can encounter in Australia. Is there any type of caravan that’s been missed miss in this article?