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Founded in 2007 by Chris and Mary Dumaloski, Option R.V is a family owned and operated boutique caravan manufacturer located in Campbellfield, Melbourne. They pride themselves on building the best quality caravans that meet the needs of all travellers. Option RV adhere to the latest design, styling trends and technology in the market to ensure customers are receiving high quality features and styles within their caravan. Caravan World have been building the Option RV brand hand in hand with a strong relationship spaning over a decade out of our Queensland dealership. We have had many brands cross tables over the years & Caravan World certainly boast Option RV have exceeded everyone’s expectations in all aspects. Their strong work ethic and aftersales service has provided Option R.V with an excellent public reputation. Both Caravan World & Option RV’s hard work has now created such a strong following that we see most new sales are referrals from existing owners which is comforting for everyone involved. With over 120 units built annually by a team of 19 full-time staff, Option R.V demonstrates passion and admiration within their caravans. The current range features different models with over 16 layouts throughout the range, with the choice for custom build. If you’re looking for a tough, comfortable caravan capable of taking you off the beaten track without breaking the bank? The semi off road Tornado range is something you must check out. Whether you are travelling on your own, with a companion or with the family, The Tornado Range allows you to customise your caravan with optional extras to suit your needs and taste. The Option RV Distinction targets travellers who seek luxury while discovering most of Australia’s scenic locations on & off road. With coil suspension standard accompanied with free camping ready electrics this has proven to be a great seller in the range. Many distinction purchases are as per the brochure specifications or spiced up with some of the sensational additional extras to suit individual requirements. The Option RV Traction caters for the most adventurous of travellers who seek to discover the most remote corners of Australia. Designed the endure hours of hard hitting roads daily the Traction is a proven performer on & off road. Traction highlights work of passion, luxury and extraordinary attention to detail without compromising on comfort. This van is perfect for all of you off-road needs, while maintaining a high level of luxury and class. Caravan World have a driving passion for customising the Traction for the buyer that has attention to detail in mind. At Option RV Caravans, you’ll find our passion for the outdoors in each of our luxury caravans. Designed and built with outstanding workmanship and extraordinary attention by people who caravan themselves. They are proud RVMAP members to help adhere to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Regulations and Australian Standards (AS). Their Our caravans are manufactured with expertise as they are proud of each & every van that leaves the factory. Buying an Option RV could be one of the safest purchases you will ever make as they will be by your side from the beginning of your caravanning journey. Their after sales service is second to none to ensure you are happy with the end product. We have a lot of confidence in Option RV’s product and are very proud of what we have achieved throughout the years.

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Why Option RV?

  • Quality
  • At Option RV they pride ourselves to build the best quality caravans that meet the needs of all travellers. We adhere to the latest design, styling trends and technology on offer to ensure our customers are receiving high quality features and styles within their caravan.

  • Value
  • At Option RV, our exceptional manufacturing capabilities provides us with the talent to produce high quality caravans, whilst being able to ensure pricing affordability for all of our customers. Each caravan is equipped with the latest technology, intelligent design, and high quality standards as we strive to ensure all of your needs are met, inclusive of great value and peace of mind.

  • Support
  • At Option RV Caravans, our friendly and professional service team love to stay in touch, and with our After Sales service, your experience won’t end after driving away in your new Option RV. Our team will be ready to help you with any questions or advice you need to get the most out of your Caravan.