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Our Accessory Range Includes


Starter Packs

This is a complete pack for the New Caravan buyer. Has all the essentials you need to hook up and take off on your travels.


  • 1 x 10m coil drinking water hose with fittings
  • 1 x 10m coil sullage hose
  • 1 x 10m 15amp caravan lead
  • 1x small hose bag
  • 1x large hose bag
  • 1 x electrical lead bag
  • 1 x t level
  • 1 x levelling ramp set
  • 1x 25mm nut and tail sullage hose fitting
  • 1x 25mm director sullage hose fitting
  • 1 x tap nut adaptor hose fitting
  • 1 x walex tropical scent toilet chemical satchets

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AL-KO ESC Break system

AL-KO ESC is a sophisticated electronic brake actuation system that automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan by monitoring for any dangerous lateral movements and taking preventative action immediately – applying the caravan’s electric brakes to maintain road position, making every journey you take safer and more pleasurable.

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As you travel around, you will find the design work and practicality of our Deluxe Annexe will create a lot of favourable comments. The modern colours, the elegance and the overall appeal will ensure many happy holidays are ready now for you and your family.

Standard Inclusions & Features:

  • 4 windows with privacy screens
  • 2 doors with privacy screens
  • 2-piece long wall for easy handling
  • Anti-flap kit and curved roof rafter
  • Draftstrip to stop the breeze from blowing underneath the van
  • PVC splash and stain guard skirting- 400mm high
  • All Bags and pegs provided.

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Dexter Sway Control

Dexter Sway Control provides the following:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Need to Re-Wire Tow Vehicle
  • Powered from Van Battery
  • Trailer Sway Brake Level Auto Adjust
  • Fully Sealed Water Resistant
  • Auto Off-Road System Disable/Re-Enable
  • Rabbit Processing
  • Brakes LEFT & RIGHT Sides Separately

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RV Gard Protection

We are now pleased to offer a comprehensive range of aftermarket products and services including:

  • Premium PaintGard
  • Carpet and FabricGard
  • Leather & VinylGard

All RVGard products above receive a lifetime warranty on new vans and 2 years on used (conditions apply).

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Reversing Camera

Hitch your caravan or trailer up and learn to reverse into those tight, awkward spots with ease by installing a reversing camera today.

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Travino Spill Proof Wine Tumblers

Travino Spill Proof Wine Tumblers

This innovative design is perfect for all Caravanning and Camping Wine Lovers to use outdoors. Never lose another drop!!

  • Keeps out bugs
  • Spill Proof
  • Double Walled

Only $14.95 each

Your choice of Seafoam Green or Ruby Pink

New in – The tough 5 O’clock Tumblers. Ideal for hot or cold

  • Keep hot for 24 hours
  • Keeps cold for 8 hours
  • Ideal for Caravanning or Camping

Only $29.99 each

Your choice of Seafoam Green or Stainless Steel

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